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The Modest Guide On How To [Dress To Kill]

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I decided to share this look with everyone who's into Modest yet trendy looks .
Dressing modestly might seem tricky sometimes , and a lot of women have different prospects of modesty , besides hijab , its a very uncommon road and its hard to commit to , although its an empowering way to portray your self to the people , self affirmations is usually correlated to body image by default . dressing modestly simply blocks the core of the problem which is the shape of you, other people might explain modesty differently but this is my prospective of the matter.

todays look works perfectly for night time hangouts . this a Rihanna meets Yeezys inspired look. last season we've seen Rihanna rocking silk night wear on clubs , parties and night outings , Rihanna is defiantly a trendsetter who gives us Wow moments of style as much as her Music.


along side with notorious kanye west who debuted his is first Yeezys look on Beyonce's lemonade album , the iconic fur coat were matched with a  grey  top , grey leggings , and grey Yeezy boots

if you have noticed, i've mixed and matched between two different trends to make my own , between yeezys boots and the leggings,to Rihanna's silk night wear rob . i have collected similar pieces with much more cost effective prices and twisted them to create a sultry modest look.

Collecting these pieces was very hard knowing that i live somewhere deserted .. but thankfully we have online shopping , which isn't as fun or as exhilarating . but it the job ,
 first basic piece purchased was the silk black rob from H&M
this piece is a must have specially if you are into dresses or body shaping peices , it works great for covering curves in addition to it being trendy .


The next piece is a shirt dress found @ river island, this basic white shirt dress works magic for girls who are interested in dressing modestly Because its long and it covers up the clavicle area which is very comforting .

the last piece purchased was these grey jeggings , which look a lot like the grey leggings but thicker which helps hold the body together and it would be a better option in my opinion for this particular look. Purchased from the one and only Namshi

Silk Rob : H&M
Blouse : RiverIsland
Jeggings : Namshi
Bag : Givenchy

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Zoey . A

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  1. You're gorgeous in this outfit ! I love this casual chic style


    1. thank you , your amazing!!
      love the diversity in your blog ! <3


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