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Keep It Feisty : OOTD at FoodPoint

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

its that new spot everyone has been reaping about ,a cozy restaurant perfect for students and younger people , its the new concept of - how i met your mother / friends- but for the young ones in real life.

   the size of the restaurant is very small , but it serves that good vibe , nice music ,and an ambiance to die for , its air conditioned so we girls don't have to worry about the humidity, or the dusty wind! for when its humid , its also facilitated with an outdoors seating. which is great for the winter weather in khartoum.

as you can tell the interior is focused on food related portraits and the logo concept of the restaurant Food Spot in the map . the logo is inspired by the pinpoint you select on your google map , so now if your looking for food , the point couldn't be more easy to locate


one thing i loved is the window station where you can watch your food being cooked in the process, I'll have you know that this is the only restaurant in Sudan that provides you with a real American burger experience . They are equipped with the latest culinary tools that facilitate them to deliver the great taste

i have absolutely felt the passion these men put to their work!, you can see and feel and taste there work , i can easily say it fascinates me every time i watch them make a sandwich , its like they are creating an artistic piece with every sandwich . the synchronicity of the team along with the overall vibe is what every student is looking for along the pressure of school .

its surprising to  see men at such a young age working together to with harmony and sustaining that quality of food .you wouldn't even be bored if you went alone! they will keep you company and they are hilarious!

this sandwich was created by them , is Hotdogs , cheddar cheese , Nachos chips  and hot sauce you can't even begin to imagine the explosion of taste on your mouth it don't know if its the sourness of the hot sauce , or the melted cheese with nachos chips or the juiciness of the hotdog! ..and i don't even like hotdog but this one is a winner!

the packaging is simple and light its not the usual here in Khartoum to find such packaging , the plastic case is unusual so i had to applaud them on that . but over all the taste was ridiculously good .

 i had to save the best for last!  JUICY LUCY a title deservant of its name, the iconic double Decker burger is a must try , i cant even begin to describe the how i felt when i first tried this burger , i instantly forgot all the worries , let me try to break it down 
1- Grilled the American way
2- double cheese 
3- the right amount of veggies to not disturb the taste
4- secret seasoning 
5- more cheese

<3 br="">

i wasn't planning to head to foodpoint but destiny happened 
i was dressed in a chiffon embroidered kimono , along with an Indian golden plated silk blouse . added a white scarf and threw on some accessories to complete the look

pastel colors took over this look so i decided to throw light color slim fits match the pastel color dynamic . i added this bamboo shoulder bag to give the chic look a bit of a traditional twist

 you can find items similar to this look 
Blouse : Splash 
Heels : Zara 
Jeans : Zara 

If your interested you can find food point

Phone : +24990 000 8777

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  1. Food looks really lovely! Maybe I'll visit one day :D

    Great photos too xo


    1. your welcomed to my home anytime! Thank you xx

  2. Wow, this was a really great post. Love how you mixed content, food and fashion, great pairing! xo

    1. thank you, i try hehe!
      thank you for passing by , drop down your blog here so i can visit yours xx


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